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Meet cake designers Regan & Didi Kenny. Together they share in the pleasure of crafting designer cakes for those who are seeking excellence in taste and design. The design process is a collaborative one, and offers you the opportunity to play a role in one of the most fun and scrumptious parts of any event! Couple of Cakes’ mission is to provide a distinctive centerpiece for your occasion, bringing your vision to the table.

They truly hope that their creations are pleasing to you on every level!

HE - Has a steady hand, an eye for fine design details, and loves using bright, bold colors…

Regan hadn’t originally intended on being involved in the business of making cakes. However, keeping Didi company in the kitchen, he eventually found himself roped into helping. As it turns out, his artistic abilities were a blessing in disguise and make him the perfect partner and designer alongside Didi.

SHE - Has had a flare for baking as long as she can remember…

Didi takes initiative to learn as much as possible, forever seeking new ways to expand and refine her skills. Initially self-taught through each creation she has made, her passion grew, and the opportunity to take instruction arose. Recalling her own wedding, and the difficulty in finding a cake designer, they realized that PEI was in need of a fresh, unique cake studio. One that would offer a combination of culinary talent and artistic creativity. This realization has blossomed into Couple of Cakes!